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Roatán is located in the far west of the Caribbean Sea, approximately 120 miles from Belize, 190 miles from Mexico, and 760 miles from Miami.

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Being positioned in "the elbow" bordered by Belize and Honduras, provides Roatán with a certain degree of safety from major hurricane systems. These systems have historically been most severe along the eastern part of the Caribbean islands (generally heading north westerly) and the western coast of Mexico (generally heading north easterly).

US$ and major credit cards are accepted in Roatán . Direct flights from Miami and Houston operate throughout the year and many global car rental companies operate from the airport.

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The Hideaway is located on a half acre lot in the Royal Roatán Yacht Club (aka East Beach Villas) section of the Palmetto Bay Resort. The lot is rectangular in shape and approximately 98' X 230' in size.


The site was chosen for its privacy aspects and the home is strategically positioned on the lot to take maximum advantage of trade winds coming from any direction.


The landscaping comprises a blend of low maintenance plantings and lush jungle. The water is a one minute walk via a dedicated pathway. The clubhouse, pool, and restaurant/bar is a three minute stroll along the beach.


The edge of the reef is a ten minute kayak trip from the beach and provides endless snorkeling or diving. Great snorkeling is also available fifty feet offshore in a section lovingly called the "Pumpkin Patch" due to the large cylindrical orange colored corals and plethora of fish. 

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